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Tree removal is needed when one or more trees on the property becomes a hazard. Dead, dying, or diseased trees become dangerous and should be removed.  Tree removal can also enhance the property value and provide many benefits to the location for a variety of reasons. Removing trees that are crowding or suffocating other trees by rubbing them of light and nutrients should be looked at by the professionals at Tampa Trees.  Tree removal in Tampa comes with great risk if you are not a trained professional with the right equipment.  Safely removing a tree is important to the surrounding areas as to not cause damage or injury.


Tree Removal

In Hillsborough we take great care of our trees and most large trees are protected. Do not just go out and hire that guy down the street to take down that tree giving you a problem. You could end up paying much more in fines or if  injuries happen. Do you think the guy driving the 1980’s truck with 3 shirtless guys has the right insurance that covers your family when a problem occurs?


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Tree Removal is an important choice to make. Sometimes it is an absolute solutions that needs to be made and other times proper tree trimming or pruning techniques provide an answer to your problem. The experts at Tampa Trees can help determine what works best for your property.


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Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Trimming your trees improves the health of your tree and the curb appeal of your property as well as a safe welcome home feeling.  Pruning and trimming  promotes proper safe growth that should be done by the experts at Tampa Trees.

Tree care can include pruning , trimming and fungus/disease inspection.  A healthy safe tree adds value to your location and with your family. Proper maintenance is necessary for everything including your trees. Hazardous limbs that over hang your house, or your cars, or your family playing outside can become your worse nightmare. The risk of waiting to see if that branch will ever fall can cost you more money and hardship if it is not taken care of.


Tampa Trees – Trimming and Pruning Tampa Tree Service


  • Hurricane prevention programs are available
  • Experts in identifying what technics should be used on your trees
  • Trimming and pruning your trees can reduce the risk of storm damage to your home
  • Healthy tree cleanse the air by absorbing toxin and produces cleaner
  • Trees can save energy by providing cooling shade from the summer’s heat


Tree trimming is a skill and should be left to professional tree trimmers who are licensed and insured. Tampa Trees protects both you and your trees. Improper tree trimming can lead to disease or decay. Damaging the tree and creating more problems for you and your family.


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